Sunday, June 13, 2010

These earrings are at least
20 years old. My friend Lyn
needed some new ear wires.
I used copper cloisonne wire
back then. Now I use fine silver.
It's fun running into old work.
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Lyn Kent said...

Please know that Rhonda's work is wearable art, and as varied as her motifs are, you can never have enough! Thank you to Rhonda from all of her friends and fans, I have been one for 35 years! Lyn

Maureen Base-Smith said...

a friend of mine was just on an Alaska cruise, stopped in Pike Street Market and brought me a set of earrings. One cow and one barn. They are so creative an lovely. Most of my earrings are mismatched but have a similar theme (crossword and a pencil etc.) I could not find more online. Can you help me out?
We are jewelry dealers her in Cincinnati and would be interested in carrying your product. Do you do wholesale? I can provide you with all the detail necessary
Maureen Base-Smith

site said...

I am shocked to see that these beautiful ear rings are 20 years old. They are looking like only 1 year old. This is something amazing. Its showing that you really take care of your stuff.